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Cray Launches Midrange Supercomputers

By DE Editors

Cray is offering a line of midrange supercomputers that start at $200,000. The entry-level midrange configuration combines the lower cost and breadth of software application support previously found in the Cray CX1 and Cray CX1000 systems with the petascale technologies and scalable architecture of the Cray XE6m and Cray XK6m line. Also included are Cray’s Gemini interconnect, the latest version of the Cray Linux Environment, AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

The new offering features enhancements to Cray’s Cluster Compatibility Mode (CCM), which gives customers the ability to run applications from ISVs without modification. First introduced in April 2010, CCM is a fully standard x86 Linux environment that allows for simple, out-of-the box installation and running of parallel ISV applications without porting, re-linking or recompilation.

For more information, visit Cray.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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