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Creaform Introduces VXmodel 3D Scan-to-CAD Software

Creaform has launched VXmodel, a 3D scan data post-treatment software module. Fully integrated with VXelements, this add-on eliminates the need for third-party software in most applications.

VXmodel gives users all the necessary tools to prepare 3D-Scan files for CAD or 3D printing solutions in an easy-to-master, intuitive application, the company says.

This module offers several main tools for design engineers:

  • Alignment: Constrain 3D scans using datums/entities.
  • Geometrical entities and cross-sections: Segment mesh from a 3D scan into all primitive entities, cross-sections and surfaces for a final CAD design. Users can also create NURBS surfaces.
  • Mesh improvement: Edit meshes using tools to enhance smoothness, optimize file size and heal triangle errors. Some available tools include heal mesh, defeature, smart decimation, spike filter and fix normals.
  • Mesh editing: Modify a 3D scan mesh to make it watertight and generate print-ready files.

Creaform also released its re-engineered HandySCAN 3D laser scanner. These portable, hand-held scanners are 25 times faster, 40% more accurate and 35% lighter than the previous generation, the company states. The HandySCAN also includes multi-function buttons for simplified software interaction and can calculate 480,000 measures/s.

For more information, visit Creaform.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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