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Create 3D PDF Interactive Spreadsheets with Embedded 3D Models

Lattice Technology has announced the availability of the latest release of its Lattice3D Reporter, version 7.1. A plug-in for Microsoft Excel, Lattice3D Reporter allows users to create spreadsheets with embedded interactive 3D XVL models as well as associated information such as work instructions and parts lists. Version 7.1 has been enhanced with functionality for creating data-rich 3D interactive PDFs that can be viewed and used by anyone with Adobe Reader. Non-CAD users can use version 7.1 to create 3D PDFs with interactive 3D models directly without any programming or script writing, says Lattice.

Lattice3D Reporter

Lattice3D Reporter image courtesy of Lattice Technology.

Lattice describes “rich” 3D data to mean that the geometry for a model part is bidirectionally associated with a part name, process steps and snapshots. In practice, this means that a user can click on a part in the list or in a process step and the corresponding part geometry is then highlighted in the interactive model. Users can also click on the part geometry to highlight the part in the list. Additionally, the model part is interactive within the 3D PDF, allowing the model to be rotated and enlarged for optimal viewing.

“Our vision is to enable manufacturing companies to make better use of their 3D model data by leveraging this data into other parts of the organization and supply chain,” said Bill Barnes, Lattice Technology general manager for Americas and Europe in a press announcement. “Lattice3D Reporter is already used by companies to create robust Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with embedded interactive models that provide unprecedented clarity and free access to anyone who has Microsoft Excel. Version 7.1 extends this capability by including rich product data into a 3D PDF that is ISO-approved.”

Lattice3D Reporter works from inside Excel. In addition to its new 3D PDF capability, spreadsheets can be saved with the standard Excel XLS extension. These spreadsheets can be shared and viewed throughout an organization with the Lattice3D Reporter Viewer, a complimentary download.

Lattice3D Reporter

Lattice3D Reporter image courtesy of Lattice Technology.

Lattice3D Reporter allows complete 3D assemblies from most major 3D CAD systems to be imported into Excel as XVL models. XVL technology, developed by Lattice, creates lightweight 3D files, which enables graphics to load quickly, according to Lattice. Lattice3D Reporter’s embedded viewer provides small thumbnail options with each part entry, allowing alternate perspectives, assembly relationships or animated instructions to be included. Optionally, Lattice3D Reporter can automatically update a previously created spreadsheet when engineering data is updated and released.

Lattice3D Reporter works both as a stand-alone system or integrated within existing IT infrastructures such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and PLM (product lifecycle management). This capability, says Lattice, allows data from many sources, such as bills of materials and lists from ERP, to be used and rapidly integrated alongside 3D CAD data.

Lattice3D Reporter is available as a floating or node-locked license. For more information on Lattice3D Reporter v7.1, click here.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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