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CST Automates Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Simulation Workflows

At MTT-S IMS, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announced new features to its System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) framework for field source coupling and multiphysics simulations.

The 2014 release of CST STUDIO SUITE now has features that can automate SAM projects for design tasks such as antenna placement, emissions analysis and thermal detuning.

The update also includes the ability to create multiphysics workflows from the schematic view. All solvers are integrated into the same parametric 3D modeling GUI (graphical user interface), the company states, allowing for parameter studies and optimization runs. Mehcanical simulations can also be added to the workflow for expansion and detuning effects calculation.

In addition to multiphysic workflows, field source coupling workflows can also be automated, which is useful for multiscale simulations.

“System Assembly and Modeling is CST’s most powerful tool for system-level simulation, and is one of the unique selling points of our software,” commented Dr. Ulrich Becker, director engineering & support, CST. “At IMS, we hope to show our users how they can make their simulation workflows more efficient and more versatile using SAM.”

For more information, visit CST.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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