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CyDesign Labs Announces Model-Based Design Optimization Platform

By DE Editors

CyDesign Labs, the developer of the CyDesign Studio platform for model-based design optimization, announced the preview release of its cloud-based platform, which can optimize and streamline activities around requirements management, model libraries, simulation, verification and certification during the conceptual design phase of complex cyber-electromechanical systems, the company says.

“Designs of complex systems are often decoupled from the original requirements, resulting in products that do not meet customer needs. Redesign efforts to resolve such problems increase development costs and time to market,” said CyDesign founder and CEO Serdar Uckun. “We developed CyDesign Studio to provide a tight coupling between requirements management and product designs, which minimizes costly redesigns and ensures that the final product satisfies customer needs.”

CyDesign’s platform reduces design-build-test cycles with a seamless workflow to drive continuous, dynamic feedback, the company says. Requirements management is fully integrated with system modeling, and the solution provides early verification and certification. It includes integration paths to FEA, CAD, CAE and other technologies, and is available with usage-based pricing on a 100% Web environment.

“The CyDesign usage-based model is simple, scalable and attractive: no software licenses, no downloads, no systems integrators and no charge for entry-level users,” said vice president of business development Tom Stegmann. “This shift to democratizing conceptual design tools means even the smallest shop can get value and the largest teams can share results for better collaboration without major investment.”

For more information, visit CyDesign Labs.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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