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Cyro Industries Publishes Acrylic Polymers Reference Guide

By DE Editors

A new acrylic polymers reference guide from CYRO Industries (Rockaway, NJ), a supplier of specialty acrylic solutions, features detailedcharts and graphsillustrating the lipid and isopropyl alcohol resistance, heat aging,and sterilization of CYRO’s advanced acrylic polymers is now available. Thereference details CYRO’s complete line of CYROLITE acrylic-basedmultipolymer compounds, XTÒ polymer acrylic-based multipolymercompounds, CYREXÒ 200-8005 acrylic-polycarbonate alloys, and Vu-Statstatic dissipative acrylic multipolymer compounds. CYROLITE andXT polymer compounds and CYREX alloys, which the company says are ideal for spikes,lures,fittings, rigid medical packaging trays, valve assembles, filterhousings, IV adapters, flow controls, as well as many other medicalapplications.

The guide highlights three newer products: CYROLITEÒ Med 2acrylic-based multipolymer compound, the most lipid and alcoholresistant acrylic compound for injection molded disposable medicaldevices, Vu-Stat static dissipative acrylic multipolymer compound, atransparent polymer providing permanent ESD protection for applicationssensitive to static discharge, and XT 375TE, impact modifiedacrylic-based multipolymer compound for packaging applications, that iscompatible with most sterilization techniques and exhibits evidence oftampering and seal integrity.

For more information visit CYRO Industries’ Web site.

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