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Daat Releases New Coolit v.11 and CoolitPCB v.7

By DE Editors

Daat Research Corp. has announced new solution visualization tools for its Coolit family of CFD thermal software for electronics. 

One new tool is solution volume visualization using color fog. Typically, fog depicts temperature or pressure variations and its opacity can be controlled, allowing the user to view obscured objects.  When combined with sectional view planes, fog helps the user to analyze complex spatial distributions. 

Coolit v.11 creates realistic thermal models, such as this heat exchanger and baffle (blue), from CAD imports.

A second tool being introduced is automatic flow visualization and animation. Based on previously available streamrods and streamribbons, the new one-click option automatically distributes injectors throughout the solution field and injects particles that show flow direction, velocity, swirl, as well as the local value of a scalar variable, such as temperature, at the particle’s location.

In addition to the shared updates, each Coolit member delivers a new feature. Coolit v.11 implements updates in its CAD models import capability. CoolitPCB v.7 adds several new components to its library, such as triangular prisms and inclined baffles.

For more information, visit Daat Research Corp.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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