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Dassault & IBM Announce PLM Portfolio V5R14

By DE Editors

Dassault Systèmes and IBM jointly announced Version 5 Release 14(V5R14) of their PLM (product lifecycle management) portfolio. Key tothis version are strengthened collaboration solutions that enablecompanies to work more closely with their customers and partners aswell as new products that enhance communication between OEMs andsuppliers and among designers.
The Dassault/IBM PLM portfolio is built around the CATIA productdevelopment solution and ENOVIA and SmarTeam product data and lifecyclemanagement, collaboration, and decision support systems. V5R14introduces new technologies for industrial design and improvedcollaborative product development. For example, a new WorkpackageExchange product permits companies across the value chain to exchangedetailed product definitions, while simultaneously promoting concurrentrelational design and protecting corporate intellectual property.

CATIA has been enhanced with an Imagine and Shape product that extendsPLM to industrial designers. This functionality, said to allowindustrial designers to explore product ideas rapidly, permitslast-minute styling modifications for greater product success.Additionally, the new CATIA Instant Collaborative Design product andoffers advanced capacities for exchanging and reconciling engineeringpackages. The CATIA Functional Molded Part product has been enhanced toaddress casting parts modeling for the automotive and FandAindustries.

The new web-based ENOVIA LCA navigator provides enterprise-widerole-specific access to PLM information. Enabling users to navigateproduct, process, and resource definitions, LCA offers 2D/3D Webviewing, instant collaboration, and lifecycle management services. Anenhanced VPM Navigator includes capabilities for easy session building,fast navigation, and extended relational design support.

For detailed V5R14 information, visit http://plm.3ds.com/V5R14.

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