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Dassault Launches DELMIA PLM Express, 1 in a Series

By DE Editors

Dassault Systemes (DS; Auburn Hills, MI) announces DELMIA PLM Express, a set of digital manufacturing solutions that makes PLM technology accessible to smaller businesses in the supply chain including part suppliers, engineering firms, and tooling providers.

DELMIA PLM Express offers role-based applications to better connect smaller companies with larger organizations, increasing more efficiency and profitability.

Suitable for 5- to 50-plus person companies with a need for an entry-level PLM-value channel offering for manufacturing, DELMIA PLM Express delivers all the functionality and benefits of DELMIA that allows customers to select a role-based solution that best matches their business needs. It is offered in five role-based domains for manufacturing with dedicated, easy-to-deploy solutions within each discipline.

In Resource Planning, it provides a complete solution for the resource planner with capabilities to model in 3D and validate the tooling and complete manufacturing workcells in the virtual world. In Robotics, it delivers comprehensive robotic simulation and offline-programming capabilities that include dedicated functionality for arc and spot welding applications. In Ergonomics, it offers the capability to build kinematic human models and teach various human tasks, simulate processes, and to optimize the human workspace. Plus, users can perform risk factor analysis to maximize human comfort, safety, and performance through advanced tools that evaluate elements of a human’s interactions with a workcell.

In Process Planning, it delivers assembly process planning, validation, and simulation tools, plus assembly animation and dynamic authoring capabilities for assembly shop floor work instructions. And in Controls, its Smart Device Builder capabilities for the engineer to create the mechanical, kinematical, and logical behavior of devices that can then be used to validate a PLC program in a virtual environment. In addition, Virtual Commissioning solutions allow control engineers to debug PLC code weeks before the integration of the physical equipment occurs on the shop floor, reducing ramp-up of manufacturing systems and costs for maintenance operations.

For more information on DELMIA PLM Express, contact http://www.plmv5.com/delmiaplmexpress or go to DELMIA at http://www.delmia.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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