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Dassault Systemes Announces New ENOVIA Life Sciences Accelerator Based on V6 Platform

By DE Editors

Dassault Systèmes (Paris, France) announced availability of its new PLM solution developed specifically for the Life Sciences industry. The ENOVIA Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design, developed on the recently announced V6 platform.

With a focus on enterprise design data control for medical device companies, ENOVIA Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design provides design control capabilities to manage all elements of the Device Master Record (DMR) with a single, integrated system.

Medical device companies are charged with succeeding in an increasingly competitive and highly regulated market where the imperative is to focus on business design processes and managing intellectual assets effectively across the medical-device value chain. Included in the product data are mechanical and electrical bills of materials (BOMs), CAD models, configurations and related documentation such as drawings, specifications, procedures and quality standards. ENOVIA Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design manages all this data plus aggregates all information related to products and parts from other business processes and functions within a company’s product lifecycle management system.

In an industry where regulatory compliance can be a critical success factor in launching new products, it’s of paramount importance for Life Sciences to stay compliant across a number of regulator agencies, which include the FDA. ENOVIA’s solution focuses on allowing life sciences professionals to focus on the creative aspects of their design rather than administrative details, thereby bringing their products to market quickly and accurately.

Announced in May, 2008 the Dassault Systèmes V6 platform provides an open, online collaborative environment, on a single IP management platform, for all product lifecycle activities. Included in the V6 architecture are ready-to-use business processes, such as program, compliance and quality issues management, which support industry-specific PLM best practices and capabilities.

The V6 platform approach in the Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design is a single source of information for device product structure and data. It enables the customer’s need to manage and monitor entire product lifecycles in an ad hoc manner, while remaining on-time and on-budget. As changes are made to the product design information, the Accelerator automatically updates this data throughout all related systems.

As a result of V6’s IP Lifecycle Management of all product-related information, such as bills of material (BOMs), the long-term compliance and success of many life science companies is ensured.

For more information on Dassault Systèmes please visit http://www.3ds.com

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