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Data Interoperability Software Offers Enhanced CATIA V5 Metadata Support

By DE Editors

Image courtesy of TransMagic, Inc.

TransMagic Inc. (Westminster, CO), a developer of 3D design data repair and conversion software, has announced the availability of TransMagic Release 8 service pack 5 (R8 sp5), the latest iteration of its 3D CAD/CAM/CAE data exchange and interoperability system. TransMagic R8 sp5 is said to offer enhancements in its Assembly Browser, support for recently announced versions of major MCAD applications and modeling engines, as well as greater access to engineering data and PMI (product manufacturing information).

The enhanced Assembly Browser in TransMagic R8 sp5 now offers access to more metadata and information, according to the developer. These new features are said to be optimized to assist professionals to find and use the data they need. In addition to processing massive files, TransMagic R8 sp5 reportedly can turn multi-gigabyte assemblies into a virtual design database, allowing parts and subassemblies to be exported and re-used.

TransMagic, which regularly offers product updates so that users can stay current with all major CAD programs, says that R8 sp5 offers new file support for Parasolid v23.0, Siemens JT 9.4, Siemens NX 7.5, and SolidWorks 2011. Additionally, TransMagic R8 sp5 provides enhanced PMI support for CATIA V5 and Parasolid.

Data Interoperability Software
Image courtesy of TransMagic, Inc.

“TransMagic is … a system to cut waste, increase throughput, and help you design the future,” said Todd Reade, CEO of TransMagic, in a press statement. "By eliminating the barriers to access and re-use of your engineering data, TransMagic offers improved design efficiency throughout the product manufacturing cycle."

TransMagic is available in three main versions — TransMagic EXPERT, TransMagic ELEMENT, and TransMagic STL Pro — that address differing data exchange needs. TransMagic EXPERT, which offers more than 165 translation options, provides the most complete support for 3D design files in multi-CAD environments. TransMagic ELEMENT offers access to most major CAD file types and data exchange between hundreds of applications using the ACIS and Parasolid formats. TransMagic STL PRO provides 3D CAD data repair and exchange, and is particularly tuned for digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing, and medical environments.

TransMagic Surface
Image courtesy of TransMagic, Inc.

All TransMagic software is available as stand-alone desktop applications or in scalable, enterprise-level configurations. TransMagic PowerPacks, available as plug-ins for Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks, allow users to translate, import, edit, and save files from within the host design system. The company also offers TransMagic Enterprise Solutions, which provide customized control of 3D design assets, allowing complete integration into your production and PLM processes.

For more information, visit TransMagic.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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