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Data Translation Announces New Ethernet Vibration Instrument Module 

By DE Editors

Data Translation has announced the DT8837 Ethernet (LXI) data acquisition instrument module for sound and vibration measurement applications.  The DT8837 allows the user to sample up to four 24-bit IEPE accelerometer input channels independently at up to 52.7kHz per channel or 210kHz total throughput. Additionally, the DT8837 offers a 24-bit stimulus output and a 31-bit synchronized tachometer channel for data streams that are matched in time for field or laboratory use. 

The TCP/IP Ethernet operation mode of the DT8837 allows measurements to be monitored locally or at remote locations.  Up to 16 instrument modules may be stacked for parallel operation of 64 separate IEPE accelerometer or voltage inputs.  Each of these separate synchronized modules can also be triggered externally in a variety of ways. 

ISO-Channel technology uses galvanic isolation methods to guarantee 1000V isolation between any input channel to any other input channel and ±500V to earth ground, according to the company. ISO-Channel increases reliability by implementing isolation mechanisms for each 24-bit A/D converter per channel for each of the four input channels and on the 24-bit stimulus D/A output channel, all operating in parallel. The benefit to the user is total isolation of all input/outputs from each other and from digital ground.  

The DT8837 is priced at $3,995.

For more information, visit Data Translation.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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