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Delcam Offers Link from PowerMill CAM to Vericut Simulation

By DE Editors

To make it easier for companies to gain productivity by using PowerMILL CAM alongside the Vericut simulation program, Delcam (Birmingham, UK) introduced a direct link from its PowerMILL CAM system to CGTech‘s (Irvine, CA) Vericut software for machine tool simulation and feed rate optimization.

Because its simulations are based on the G-code output by PowerMILL, one advantage is it offers an extra degree of confidence to users, adding security by removing possible errors. Secondly, Vericut offers a range of machine tools models, most of which have been developed in association with the machine tool manufacturers.

In addition to ensuring that the simulations are accurate, having such a comprehensive set of models saves users the time that would otherwise be needed to create the designs themselves.

For details on PowerMILL CAM, contact Delcam. For the latest news on Vericut 6.1.2, go to CGTech.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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