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Delcam’s new PowerINSPECT Supports 5-axis Inspection

By DE Editors

Version 5 of Delcam’s (Salt Lake City, UT) PowerINSPECT includes support for 5-axis scanning with Renishaw’s REVO probe. This hardware-independent inspection software features the ability to use multiple alignments within parts or assemblies, additional GD&T features, more flexible best-fit algorithms, improved CMM connectivity, and more versatile report generation.

PowerINSPECT 5 supports Renishaw’s REVO for the verification of geometric and freeform shapes on CMMs. The combined solution offers faster and more accurate measurement of feature-rich parts, such as powertrain components, and complex doubly curved surfaces, including those found in aerofoils and turbine blades.

As the five-axis REVO head is lighter and more dynamic than the CMM, with a better frequency response, it is able to follow changes in the part geometry more quickly. In addition, 5-axis scanning minimizes dynamic errors caused by the inertial forces that affect the moving mass of the CMM structure.

The new PowerINSPECT release incorporates proven five-axis simulation and collision detection technology from Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system. Plus, 5-axis operation for On-Machine Verification has been enhanced by making the programming easier.

PowerINSPECT’s new ability to use multiple alignments within a single part will allow independent verification of distinct areas within the component.

Inspection of more complex parts will also benefit from the enhanced best-fit options within the software.

The GD&T capability has been expanded to include symmetry, surface profile and run-out, as well as the previously available true position, perpendicularity, angularity, parallelism and concentricity.

For details, contact Delcam.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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