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Delft Spline Systems to Unveil DeskProto 6.0 at Euromold

By DE Editors

Delft Spline Systems will use this year’s Euromold show as a platform to launch a new version of the DeskProto CAM software. The new DeskProto Version 6.0 will offer the option to do five-axis machining. This option allows users to machine a part from all sides, by rotating the part round a fourth and a fifth axis.

According to the company, the car model shown here (an Austin Healey Sprite) is an example that could not have been machined using just three or four axes. The area round the pedals would be an undercut. Using five-axis milling it can be machined by rotating the complete model.

Other new features include new wizards that guide the user to create toolpaths for roughing, finishing and smoothing. Several wizards are available, including wizards for rotary machining, for bitmap machining and for 2D machining. Toolpaths now are calculated in a multi-threaded process, which is intended to reduce total calculation time on multi-core computers. 64 bits calculations were already supported in V5.

For more information, visit Delft Spline Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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