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DeskProto’s 123WaxRing System Showcased at Baselworld Jewelry Show

By DE Editors

In March, Delft Spline Systems (Utrecht, The Netherlands) announced the 123WaxRing system, an addition to its DeskProto CAM software.

Designed for jewelers, this new system (patent pending) makes creating jewelry wax models easier than it has been in the past. 123WaxRing was presented at the Baselworld Jewelry Show, held in Basel, Switzerland, April 3 to April 10.

The 123WaxRing system makes in-house manufacturing of wax models possible using CNC machining instead of 3D printing. Using pre-shaped wax disks, a special fixture and smart software, the need to prepare a wax block, change tools, reconfigure a fixture, or reset the zero point are eliminated.

Running inside the DeskProto software is the 123WaxRing wizard, which prepares the toolpaths. The software requires the input of an STL file from any jewelry design program. The system was demonstrated using a Roland JWX-10 wax milling machine, but can be used on any 4 axis CNC milling machine.

123WaxRing can be used to create wax models of other jewelry such as charms and pendants as well as rings.

For more information see www.123waxring.com and www.deskproto.com or contact Lex Lennings of Delft Spline Systems +31 30 296 5957, Fax +31 30 296 2292

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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