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Device Offers Double-Capacity Dongle Protection

By DE Editors

DongleLockbox Co. announced the release of a new model for its protective devices that help secure USB software dongles (software keys) from theft, loss and damage.

The product, called the DUO, is designed to protect two USB software keys. Like the original single-key DongleLockbox, the DUO comes with a combination lock that securely houses the software dongles. A detachable metal cable is used to secure or “anchor” the entire lock box to a stationary device while the male ends of two six-foot USB 2.0 cables are connected to a desktop or notebook computer.

“We are very pleased with the acceptance of our original DongleLockbox, released less than three months ago,” says Jerry Hiller, sales and marketing manager at DongleLockbox Co. “During this time, a number of users and dealers said that it wasn’t uncommon to have more than one software dongle on a computer. As such, the new DUO model is a direct result of our partners expressing their unique needs.”

The DUO is priced at $149.

For more information, visit DongleLockbox Co.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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