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Dewetron Releases DEWESoft Version 7

By DE Editors

DEWESoft has introduced many math functions to the data acquisition system, including a formula editor, user-programmable FIR and IIR filtering, statistical analysis (min, max, ave, RMS, standard deviation, et al), single and three-phase power grid analysis, frequency response functions from modal analysis, order tracking, rotational and torsional vibration, engine combustion analysis, sound analysis, and several more powerful functions. However, due to the internal structure of DEWESoft, it was only possible for these features to be calculated during the measurement stage. It was not possible, for example, to record raw data and then go back and add filtering or re-scaling, or any of the useful analytical features mentioned above.

Dewetron Releases DEWESoft Version 7

With the release of DEWESoft version 7, that has changed. Not only can all analytical functions be performed on data that has already been captured, but many new capabilities have been added to DEWESoft’s suite of functions.

DEWESoft 7 users can store “raw” data and perform all of their processing offline, on any computer. This allows them to work with the data as if they were at the test bench or on the proving ground. Math functions can be set up in advance and processed in real time, or set to process later, or not added at all until after recording, in any combination.

New and enhanced features that are now a part of DEWESoft include:

  • Matrix Channels
  • Data Import Functions
  • Fast Data Reloading
  • Enhanced User Interface

DEWESoft 7 is available in several versions, as follows:

  • SE (standard edition), supports one 16-bit A/D card, any Dewetron signal conditioning, and one video camera.
  • PROF (professional edition), supports one or more 16-, 22-, or 24-bit A/D cards, any Dewetron signal conditioning, one or more video cameras.
  • DSA (dynamic signal analysis edition), adds modal analysis (FRF), human vibration analysis, sound level meter, rotational and torsional vibration, and more.
  • EE (enterprise edition) includes nearly every feature and option, and free upgrades for 5 years.

For more information, please visit Dewetron.

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