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DIAdem 2012 Simplifies Engineering Data Analysis, Reporting

By Anthony J. Lockwood

National Instruments
Image courtesy of National Instruments.

National Instruments (NI; Austin, TX) has released DIAdem 2012, the latest version of its software tool for data management and mining, interactive visualization, advanced data calculations, customized report generation, and automated analysis and reporting.

DIAdem 2012 provides a single, unified software environment that, NI says, enables engineers and scientists to be more efficient when locating, inspecting, visualizing, analyzing, sharing, and reporting measurement data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations. DIAdem, which reportedly is optimized to operate on large data sets, includes engineering-specific analysis functions and features a drag-and-drop report editor as well as the ability to run scripts for automating repetitive tasks.

National Instruments
Image courtesy of National Instruments.

Version 2012, says NI, features a number of enhancements intended to further simplify and make more efficient the analysis and reporting of engineering data. An improved object-oriented VBScript API (applications programming interface) for automating reports is one the features highlighted by the company as well as scalable background images for 2D charts, which is said to significantly reduce programming time and effort. DIAdem 2012 is said to provide performance improvements for reporting, especially for multipage reports, and a variety of new analysis functions. DIAdem 2012 also now has the ability to check for updates to DataPlugins, which extend the data file support capabilities within DIAdem.

Other new and improved features reported include support for LIN and FlexRay databases; extended Navigator Context Menu, which is said to provide increased flexibility to copy, paste, delete, rename, and write to a protected data file from the Navigator; and updated DAC dialog boxes, which reportedly make configuring data-logging applications easier.

National Instruments
Image courtesy of National Instruments.

“With the launch of DIAdem 2012 we can move from data to decisions faster,” said Ray Almgren, vice president of core platforms marketing at National Instruments, in the press announcement. “DIAdem is the only comprehensive configuration-based software specifically designed to help engineers and scientists quickly locate and process measurement data using one software tool.”

DIAdem is available in available in base, advanced, and professional editions. Pricing for DIAdem 2012 begins at $1,199. For more information, visit National Instruments.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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