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Digimat 2016.0 Released

e-Xstream engineering has released Digimat 2016.0. The software is now available in MSC One, MSC Software’s expanded products token system, in addition to traditional licensing options. New features in 2016.0 include improved accuracy, new performances and materials, ease of use and material engineering tools.

According to the company, accuracy of reinforced plastics modeling is improved for both non-linear stiffness and failure. The hybrid solution has been revised so that its non-linear response matches closely the reference Micro solution. Failure controls for multi-layer RVE have been added to improve the accuracy of identified failure models for reinforced plastics.

Added material performances include anisotropic and frequency dependent stiffness and damping in Nastran SOL1XX and Abaqus FE (finite element) analysis. Users can now include woven 2D materials in their Digimat progressive failure frameowkr. Additionally, the Digimat-MX database now integrates NCAMP and AGATE data as ready-to-run progressive failure models for unidirectional and woven composite, for various conditions.

For ease of use, material model calibration workflow is now purely linear thanks to full control on microstructure definition in Digimat-MX. Hybrid parameters generation is fully automated, requiring no user input. Memory consumption has been reduced for coupled analysis involving the Hybrid solution with implicit FEA solvers. Loading of large FEA input deck files in Digimat is now easier thanks to the support of include commands.

For more information, visit e-Xstream engineering.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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