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Digital Design Communications for Workgroups

By DE Editors

Actify DesignShare from Actify Inc. (San Francisco, CA) is acollaborative product data management solution that enables users toleverage the power of Actify ‘s digital design communication platformfrom within a managed Microsoft SharePoint server-based environment.Actify DesignShare is said to provide a complete solution for creatingvisual product data-based communications within the enterprise that iseasy to deploy. Additionally, it facilitates the ability of workgroupsand design teams to facilitate collaborate and communicate internallyand externally.

Actify DesignShare extends the collaboration platform within the Actifysuite of products, which comprises Actify Publisher 2005, toautomatically convert MCAD files to Actify’s .3D format; SpinFireProfessional, to view, measure and markup MCAD files; SpinFire forMicrosoft Office, to embed 2D and 3D design data within MicrosoftOffice documents; and the free SpinFire Reader, to view 2D and 3D files.

Through Actify DesignShare’s managed-server environment, you can createa customized dashboard to manage all collaboration processes thatrequire access to native MCAD data as well as access a secure,easy-to-use environment for suppliers and other external partners tocollaborate. Actify DesignShare also lets you centrally automate andmonitor the conversion of native MCAD files to Actify’s .3D format, andit provides functionality for managing and controlling the version of.3D files created and authored within the company’s SpinFireProfessional and SpinFire for Microsoft Office solutions. True to itsroots, Actify DesignShare provides users with view and markup tools.

Actify’s suite of products are designed to enable easy and secureaccess, communication and distribution of multiple 2D/3D MCAD fileformats and related documents through enterprises and supply chains,without requiring expensive native MCAD products or access to complexdata management systems. This characteristic allows workgroups andenterprises to distribute complex design data and collaboratepaperlessly and efficiently. In turn, this can boost productivity,reduce costs, and streamline such activities as product design,procurement, manufacturing, sales, marketing and field support.

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