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Discretize Announces Xtl for STL Repair and Editing

By DE Editors

Discretize has announced the release of Xtl, a new tool for STL repair and editing. The features of Xtl have been developed with the needs of the simulation and manufacturing communities in mind, according to the company.

A strength of Xtl is its ability to overlay the model with a CAD-like topology consisting of bodies, surfaces, curves and vertices. This provides the user with control over the application of the repair tools.

Xtl has powerful surface mesh refinement and coarsening algorithms that are able to produce high-quality meshes with the desired resolution, says Discretize. The refinement algorithm includes the ability to reconstruct high-resolution smooth surfaces from low-resolution models. The topology management capabilities in conjunction with coarsening and smoothing makes it easy to remove unwanted features from a model, according to the company.

The surface construction and modification algorithms make it possible to repair large topologically complex gaps or to replace groups of surfaces. These surfaces can be blended with surrounding surfaces, providing tangent continuity at boundaries.

Xtl also includes traditional STL tools including calculating surface intersections, hole filling, stitching, Booleans and construction of primitives.

For more information, visit Discretize.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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