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Doctor Walt’s Releases KeyCreator 5 Introductory Guide

By DE Editors

Conceptual Product Development, Inc.(West Caldwell, NJ) announces the release of Doctor Walt’s KeyCreator 5Introductory Guide. Author of the well-known series of Doctor Walt’sbooks on CAD, rapid prototyping, and desktop publishing, Walt Silvaonce again uses his proven approach to CAD instruction to introduceboth veteran CADKEY users and novices to the newest KeyCreator releasefrom Kubotek USA(Marlborough, MA). Detailed illustrations, combined with aneasy-reading text style, greatly simplify the learning task. With thisbook we also introduce our new policy of providing training books inboth black and white and color versions. Price: $23.95 (Black andWhite); $27.95 (Color), 144 pages.

“With KeyCreator 5, KubotekUSA, Inc. has continued the evolution of thevenerable CADKEY mechanical design package,” said Walter Silva,president of Conceptual Product Development, “Following on the heels ofthe KeyCreator 4 release, KubotekUSA is backing up their promise to theCADKEY user community to revitalize and revolutionize one of the alltime favorite mechanical design packages. This book is the first of aseries of new training materials for KeyCreator 5.”

For more information, visit docwalt.com.

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