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"Document Agnostic" FusionDox Released

By DE Editors

The FusionDox IDM 2007 platform from IEXP Software (Downington, PA) is a document and data management application for small and midsize businesses. Built entirely on Macromedia MX, it has a core suite of enterprise content management (ECM) based features and tools.

“We believe that the market is ripe for a product such as FusionDox,” explained Andrew Schwabe, CEO of IEXP Software. “The big ECM players have an almost confusing multitude of highly specialized or proprietary modules. We felt that we could give the market a shot in the arm by creating a very open, full featured, “document agnostic” product that allows developers, and ultimately the owner-user crowd, to customize and control FusionDox according to their needs.”

With FusionDox’s patent-pending OpenDirect technology, files up to 1GB are opened directly on the user’s PC and within their native application. Once file modifications are complete, OpenDirect automatically saves the file back to the FusionDox repository under its new revision and removes redundant copies from the user’s PC.

FusionDox’s FusionForms allow an engineering department to automate the process and workflow of business forms such as change notices, change requests, and new document releases. Other features include check-in and out services, e-forms, workflow, task and event management, reporting, and publishing elements.

For more information, visit iexp.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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