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Dream Vessels Sail Ahead Using Marine Deep Server Technology

By Susan Smith

Borrowing from the aerospace and automotive industries, Urban Voyage (Auckland, NZ) offers its Visual Studio-based “Marine Deep Server” visual services technology to the superyachting industry. Launched at the recent Dubai International Boat Show, the technology is a visual service that allows multiple CAD formats and design information to be integrated into a single model that can be viewed online. Heralded as groundbreaking in terms of changing the way the superyachting industry designs and builds boats, the Marine Deep Server model is a 3D visualization that can be used for real time design collaboration over the internet and for the subsequent rapid prototyping of the numerous parts required in a project of this magnitude.

An example of a successful Urban Voyage design prior to the launch of Marine Deep Server is the 120(37) Phillipe Briand designed composite sloop project, Bristolian, that Urban Voyage tackled in partnership with Gen-I’s New Zealand Supercomputing Centre. The centre made it possible for Urban Voyage to process design information at high speed (the equivalent power of 1,000 cpus), reducing rendering times and being able to make real time changes requested by owners to 3D rendering and animations. The ability to communicate textures, design specifications and color digitally made it possible for the client to be involved in every stage of the decision making process.

Because many owners, shipbuilders and designers are based in different locations, the ability to communicate design intent and real time changes is critical.

Although 3D visualization technology has long been the province of aerospace and automobile manufacturers and shipbuilding, it is relatively new to the superyachting industry. Proponents of the technology say that the time-to-market and cost savings of using Marine Deep Server are significant in the design and building of boats. Design and interior changes can be made quickly and many stakeholders can be involved in the design and downstream processes.

Additional benefits of the technology include the use of the visual information for design collaboration, supply sourcing and service/ship manuals for various sizes and types of boats.

Urban Voyage is comprised of a professional team of modelers, designers and marine draftsmen who are knowledgeable about the boating industry. Their clientele also includes customers in the fields of airlines and aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilding, architecture, construction, and property development. Superyacht projects for prototyping such as the high speed sleek 72 meter Concept named ‘Begeondan’ from ‘Booth Design’ have commenced that will be showcased at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, September 14-17, 2008.

Urban Voyage
Auckland, NZ

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