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DST Embeds SHERPA Engine In SimWise 4D

By DE Editors

Design Simulation Technologies (DST) announced that the company will embed the SHERPA optimization engine from Red Cedar Technology into its SimWise 4D simulation software.

SimWise 4D integrates motion simulation and structural simulation, allowing design engineers to make quick, informed decisions about product packaging, performance and design trade-offs, the company says.

“Designers need software tools that work quickly, effectively, and without requiring detailed theoretical knowledge. Our new optimization capability delivers on this need,” stated Alan Wegienka, CEO of DST. “We searched the market for design optimization software that fit our strategy, and it was clear that the SHERPA engine from Red Cedar Technology was simply the best available.”

DST plans to make the new design optimization capability available in every copy of SimWise 4D, beginning with version 9.0 scheduled for release in Q1 2013. This capability will allow designers and engineers to quickly identify design variables, select quantities to minimize or maximize, and easily find optimal designs.

For more information, visit DST and Red Cedar Technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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