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DYNAFORM 5.8 Released by Engineering Technology Associates

By DE Editors

DYNAFORM 5.8 Released by Engineering Technology Associates

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) has announced the release of DYNAFORM Version 5.8. The simulation software analyzes a die system and helps organizations bypass soft tooling, reduce tryout time and improve cycle times. The latest release offers new and improved features, as well as enhanced pre- and post-processing capabilities.

The most notable addition in this version is the availability of a new explicit incremental INC Solver to support rapid die face design and analysis of formability concerns. The INC Solver offers a value solution for customers who are looking for a virtual tryout tool, according to the company.

Among the capabilities added within DYNAFORM’s Blank Size Engineering (BSE) module is a new BSE Preparation toolset, providing geometry and mesh tools, as well as a new Auto Tipping function. 

Additions to the Die Face Engineering (DFE) module include a Functional Tool Preparation command to integrate line, surface, element and node functions with model check and repair functions. Trim Check and Curve Editor functionalities were also added.

DYNAFORM’s Formability Simulation (FS) module was also enhanced in this latest round of development.  Some prominent additions include Tube Bending, Roller Hemming, Blank Generator and Tool Preparation applications. 

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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