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Dynamic Fault Simulations of Synchronous Motors

Sponsored ContentDynamic behavior of electrical machines can cause effects that are difficult to describe and understand. This is especially important under fault conditions, including the different variants of short-circuits directly tied to a failure of the insulation system or an attached power electronics component.

Such short-circuits are hazardous for both man and machine. If such a problem occurs, it can destroy the electrical machine in its entirety or cause major damage to the power supply unit and mechanical coupling components. By performing transient FEM simulations of electrical machines under short-circuit conditions, engineers have a tool for understanding the dynamic effects without risking damaging to the machine.

Jasmin Smajic of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland presented how to model and simulate dynamic analysis of synchronous machines. They show how to achieve accurate 2-D and 3-D transient electromagnetic simulations and how to validate those findings based on available measurements performed on a chosen testing salient pole for a synchronous machine under the conditions of three-phase, two-phase, and single-phase short-circuit of the stator winding system.

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