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E-on Software Releases Vue 10 Digital Nature Solution

By DE Editors

E-on Software has released its new Vue 10 digital nature product line. Among other enhancements, this new release introduces spline and road tools, a new rock technology, streamlined terrain editing, a physical water shading engine, along with improvements in overall rendering performance and artistic control.

Vue 10 is built around a three-tiered structure that includes Vue 10 for CG Professionals (Vue Infinitie and Vue xStream); Vue 10 for 3D Artists (Vue Esprit, Vue Studio, Vue Complete); and Vue 10 for 3D Enthusiasts (Vue Pioneer and Theme Packs, Vue 3D SuperHero, Vue Frontier).

The new render display dialog now lets the user stack and compare previous renders. Users can overlay and compare two renders (including multi-pass layers) and utilize HDR difference tools for in depth analysis. Lightweight render clones can be created to test various post-processing effects, without altering the original render.

Terrain editing improvements include the ability to precisely preview the active zones when painting with a brush that has Environment Constraints applied. A new Custom 3D terrain brush is added to the brush collection. Mask rotation can also be enabled/disabled when painting in the terrain editor, and a new Strata3D node has been added for the creation of realistic canyon walls and stratified rock formations.

For more information, visit E-on Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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