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Eco Materials Adviser Full Version Available for Autodesk Inventor

By DE Editors

Granta Design has announced the release of Eco Materials Adviser Full Version. Eco Materials Adviser is said to enable designers to generate eco impact analyses of their product parts or assemblies as they evolve their designs in Autodesk Inventor.

A dashboard display shows key indicators such as CO2 footprint, energy usage, materials cost, water usage, and compatibility with legislation on hazardous substances. Users can interactively explore the sustainability impact of changes in materials choice or the design of their digital prototype.

The new Full Version builds on the capabilities provided in the Base Version by enabling users to study assemblies of any size, to investigate materials options in greater depth using Granta’s database of around 3,000 materials, and to account for a wider range of contributions to environmental impact. These include finishing processes and the transport and use of the finished product.

The software works by connecting over the Internet to a cloud-hosted database that provides the necessary materials, process, and environmental data.

For more information, visit Granta Design.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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