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ECO Solution Easy on Users and IT

By DE Editors

Octane, says Enginuity Development Inc. (Crystal Lake , IL), is fully integrated, stand-alone engineering change notice and request workflow solution designed by engineers for engineers. Octane, it continues, represents it next generation of EDM (engineering data management) software.

Octane has been designed from the get-go to be easy to use. Additionally, Octane has also been designed from the start to demand little in the way of IT resources to install and maintain: just 190MB for initial installation. Best of all, you can use Octane without being forced to buy a large and expensive ERP or other business system.


Octane from Engginuity Development.

Octane leverages JAVA and web technologies to create a web-accessible system for documenting and communicating engineering changes. It provides a simple and robust workflow process for your change management. For example, all requests follow a clear approval path, and users can reject, approve, delete, and complete requests. Once a request has been approved, Octane issues subsequent tasks based on the request type.

As a collaboration tool tracking engineering change requests and other approval-driven process, Octane’s integrated task tracking ensures that all required work is tracked and completed, satisfying various QS and QA requirements for documentation.

Octane works by letting you set up an unlimited number of requests. You then link requests to a task set or, optionally, you can link each request type with a different task set. Task sets enable you to consistently manage all the work that needs to be completed for your requests.

Octane’s integrated task module provides tools for all team members to manage and track work. For example, before a request can be marked as finished, Octane checks to ensure that all tasks related to that request have been completed. This gate method ensures that all the necessary work is tracked and completed.

Octane also provides customized fields for your request and your affected items. These fields allow you to fit Octane with your existing process and request forms.

For more information, screen shots, downloadable product brochures, or to schedule a web demonstration, click here.

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