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Editor’s Pick: ANSYS Releases Engineering Knowledge Manager 13.0

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Remember Job from the bible story? He did everything in life by the book but found himself sitting on a pile of dung symbolizing everything that he had lost in his life. Many of you CAE managers and do-bees can relate to that sitting on pile part. You are able to solve complex systems in a single bound. Well, a single bound only after you rummage through a data pile, re-invent (yet again) a proper workflow, and find, review, and impose best practices (yet again) for the analysis of interest. Your CAD data are managed with PDM or PLM or both, greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity. But your analysis data often resides in huge piles of bizarrely named folders on shared servers or some guy’s local backup. ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager tames simulation data like PDM and PLM do for CAD.

Just out in version 13.0, ANSYS EKM is, of course, tightly integrated with other ANSYS simulation offerings; however, the company says that it can be "very easily" integrated with other legacy and commercial simulation software. That’s good since what it does is enable you to leverage a centralized repository to store and manage simulation data and processes. It automatically extracts meta data from your simulation data, which means you can find, review, and retrieve simulation data using keywords or advanced searches across a single or multiple targets.

But ANSYS EKM13.0 is more than just a tool for neatly organizing CAE data. For example, you can generate reports comparing simulations then create a document in PDF, HTML, XLS, or XML format. It has lifecycle management tools so you can track the stages of a file or project by sign-off processes. It has customizable data-mining tools, configuration management tools, and a scripting tool. You can graphically assemble simple or complex workflows for individuals, local workgroups, or global teams. Approvals are controllable through automatic sign-offs, and e-mails notify people when a task is done or waiting on their to-do list. You can schedule, queue, and execute simulation jobs remotely. And security features safeguard intellectual property.

A web-enabled platform, ANSYS EKM 13.0 has been enhanced with tighter integration with ANSYS Workbench, letting you run Workbench projects from within ANSYS EKM for parametric and DOE/optimization studies. It has a new process player to manage work items associated with a workflow process in a single dialog. Usability and other enhancements include dashboards, message boards, and filtering of types and attributes in advanced search. You can learn about ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager 13.0 from today’s Pick of the Week write-up and its complementary links.

If your simulation data is poorly managed, you’re holding back productivity and squandering efficiency. Remember Job. He got off that pile and ended up with more than he had ever had. It’s time to deal with that pile of your CAE data. ANSYS EKM 13.0 might be just what you need.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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