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Editor’s Pick: AVEVA Plant 12.0.SP6 Released

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Readers:

Industrial sites, such as power plants, are like little cities. They have layer upon layer of complexity that, when well-managed, makes the complexity seem ordinary. The trick, of course, is designing, building/revising, then engineering the whole thing well. Not an easy to execute or manage job. For a half century, making plant design and management manageable is what AVEVA has been all about.

AVEVA has just released version 12.0.SP6 of AVEVA Plant, its a set of integrated applications for plant engineering, design, and design management. Support for Windows 7 is the headline for this new version, but there are functional extensions — more than 100 user-requested – a spiffier interface and general performance optimizations.

But let me step back here. AVEVA Plant is a logical range of solutions for building, maintaining, and extending the IT structure of industrial sites. It embraces such necessities as 3D design, schematic integration and management, engineering databases, instrumentation and control engineering solutions, viewing, cabling, manipulation of point cloud data from laser scanners, global collaboration functionality, data translation, product lifecycle management, and so on. The point of the AVEVA system of solutions is to help you achieve less downtime and produce deliverables – design through construction through management– that exhibit the least amount of errors.

AVEVA Plant’s integrated engineering and 3D design applications enable efficient project workflows from design and fabrication to work planning to installation. A ongoing problem of change management, for example, becomes a consistent, managed process. You can choose your P&ID authoring tools and process engineering applications. Everything integrates with the AVEVA NET product lifecycle management solution. The latter, an ISO15926-compliant information management hub, lets you control, link, evaluate, and deliver all types of data, engineering information, and routine documents in a secure environment, regardless of application and format.

Windows 7 support in AVEVA Plant 12.0.SP6 means you can work with bigger models and reap improved performance of 64-bit systems. You can read all about that in today’s Pick of the Week write-up as well as from the links at the end of the write-up.

While I am hesitant to mention recent facility failures in the Gulf, Michigan, and China, I have no reticence when I say the it is critical to design, upgrade, and manage industrial sites using the best engineering and engineering management possible to ensure that failure is not an option. On the software and vital systems level, that is what AVEVA Plant can help you achieve.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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