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Editor’s Pick: CCE’s EnSuite 2.0 Eases Working with Multi-CAD Data

By Margaret S. Gurney

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

I’ve been speaking with some of the people at CCE about their multi-CAD file data translation and visualization tool EnSuite. Actually, that should be “tools” because EnSuite offers a cache of engineering tools in addition to its many MCAD file viewers and data translators. It also seems to me that EnSuite’s appeal is broader than engineering alone because people throughout your extended design chain can use it to get their jobs done.

Just out in version 2.0, EnSuite not only handles the multi-CAD designer’s day-to-day file translations, but it offers viewers for the major MCAD systems and file formats, BOM viewing tools, and even multiple file delivery options. The sum of it all is that sales, marketing, and management no longer have to wait for the engineers to make a file available for them so that they can get on when their work. And, no worries, people can access files and manipulate them, but they cannot change the master file.

Engineers and designers will, of course, make good use of EnSuite’s ability to translate CATIA, NX, Pro/E, and SolidWorks files as well as IGES, Parasolid, and STEP formats. It even has a batch conversion option to translate MCAD files in quantity.

And to ensure your translation was an effective one, EnSuite has a part compare tool to help you visually verify and match part files. You can also visually inspect for interference and form-fit, and you can cut sections along different planes to verify section properties. One neat feature is that EnSuite lets you retrieve data using a file’s geometric entities and features as your search criteria.

CCE calls EnSuite the Multi-CAD Engineer’s Assistant. Like any good executive assistant, EnSuite simplifies your total operation by making working in a multi-CAD data environment easy, whether you’re a designer, knowledge worker, or administrator. Read on to learn more about EnSuite 2.0 from today’s write-up.

Thanks, and take care.

Margaret S. Gurney
New Products Editor, Desktop Engineering Magazine

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