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Editor’s Pick: Direct Modeling and CFD Partner

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Some couplings are meant to be: Belushi and Aykroyd as the Blues Brothers. Others are beyond simply meant to be: Peanut butter and chocolate as Reese’s. In engineering, you have CAD and analyses. Beyond that, however, you have 3D direct modeling and coupled physics analyses. That’s what I have for you today.

The nub of today’s Pick of the Week is that SpaceClaim and Simerics have announced the integration between SpaceClaim Engineer 3D direct modeler and Simerics’s PumpLinx and Simerics MP CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis systems.

Unless you’ve been ensconced in witness protection, you know what SpaceClaim Engineer delivers — a robust 3D direct modeling system for developing concepts, rendering, collaboration, and preparing 3D solid model designs for analysis, digital prototyping, and manufacturing. It can spread the design out of isolation for the benefit of all stakeholders.

For analysts it’s great. You don’t need to master a dense traditional CAD system whose services you don’t need to use often. And, you don’t have to grovel to get the CAD people to make you a simplified file because you can do it yourself. This is where Simerics comes in.

Simerics MP is a general-purpose physics system that solves CFD problems using multi-physics modules such as cavitation, fluid flow, heat transfer, mixing/reaction, and turbulence. PumpLinx is a customizable 3D tool for simulating and designing pumps, motors, and fluid devices with rotating or sliding components. It offers automated grid generation; integrated pre-processor, solver, and post-processor; and pre-programmed pump configurations said to reduce simulation setup times. It has a nifty sounding proprietary algorithm called the “Mismatching Grid Interface” that supports and enables implicit overset grids, binary tree meshes, general polyhedral cells, one dimensional lines, and zero dimensional compartments to “coexist and interact with one another” in your simulations.

Good stuff, but you still need a model to work with. Back to SpaceClaim Engineer. It provides analysts with an easy to use tool for importing and prepping files for simulations. So, coupling SpaceClaim Engineer with CFD systems from Simerics gives you a full multi-physics CFD design and testing solution without a huge price tag and even fewer hassles.

You can learn more about the SpaceClaim and Simerics integration from today’s Pick of the Week write-up. Also, next Wednesday (October 3), SpaceClaim and Simerics will hold a live webinar demonstrating how integrating their systems can make your life easier by simplifying the set-up of complex geometry for CFD simulation.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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