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Editor’s Pick: Engineous Software Releases iSIGHT-FD 3.0 and FIPER 3.0

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

With the diversity of applications in the engineer’s toolkit, it’s a wonder that you finish any work. All your applications churn out their answers in their own little niche. You have to somehow integrate all the applications and answers in your workflow to create efficient processes on your desktop, within your enterprise, and throughout your design chain before you can explore design alternatives and get the answers that enable you to optimize product. iSIGHT-FD and FIPER from Engineous Software help you make better products by integrating your workflow, automating execution, and enhancing data collaboration so that you can devote your time to engineering and design optimization rather than orchestrating workflows.

Once you integrate your models and design processes and automate their execution with iSIGHT-FD, you can capture simulation tools, legacy codes, and best practices in a single environment. iSIGHT-FD comes with a library of design exploration, analysis, data mining, and visualization tools, and it can work standalone or with FIPER.

FIPER takes integrated applications from iSIGHT-FD and lets you deploy them to groups, the enterprise, and your client base via secure web communications. Users access and interact with applications through a Web-like interface called WebTop. FIPER manages application execution, vaults results, provides version control, and leverages existing hardware to support a parallel, grid-like computing system. You can store individual components developed with iSIGHT-FD in a FIPER library for later reuse.

Here’s the really cool thing about the makers of Engineous software: they appear to support the integration of every MCAD, CAE, and office application under the sun. Adams, ANSYS, CATIA, Excel, GridWorks, Matlab, NX, Pro/E, you name it. To get an idea, you can check out a list by going to the demonstration videos page from a link off today’s Pick of the Week write-up (look above the list for a note on a required codec if you have trouble viewing a video). You can download videos without registering.

iSIGHT-FD and FIPER represent using computing for design, analysis, and optimization as it should be done and as many promised it would be done some day in the future. Learn more about Engineous Software from today’s Pick of the Week write-up. It could be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Thanks, Pal —Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering Magazine

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