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Editor’s Pick: Océ Client Tools V2.1.1 Improves CAD Workflow

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

It’s been a busy time for Océ. A few weeks back, they introduced the ColorWave 600, a large-format color printer that uses a new printing technology called CrystalPoint (there’s a link in today’s write-up to this). Just recently, the company announced productivity enhancements for the Océ Client Tools, the batch file processing and printing utilities component of the Océ ReproDesk Server and Professional suite of applications for print management.

Key improvements in Océ Client Tools version 2.1.1 help make workflow and job submission easier and more efficient. The upgraded Océ Client Tools utilities are a free download. Anything that makes your work more efficient and easier that happens to be free is, as Martha Stewart says, "a good thing."

For print job submission tasks, Océ Client Tools now has remote printing capabilities, better support for color files, and expanded AutoCAD support. The remote printing capability lets you submit print job orders over the web to reprographers who have implemented Océ Repro Desk Professional software. This step eliminates headaches wrestling with FTP configurations, firewalls, and everyone’s favorite e-mail file size limitations. With your OK, reprographers can make changes to the work order, such as delivery or media options.

Workflows have also been made more efficient with new "printer groups" in Océ Repro Desk Professional. Printer groups automatically route files to the appropriate monochrome or color printer. Speaking of which, Océ Client Tools v. 2.1.1 now supports processing and previewing of 24-bit color file formats, including JPG, BMP, and PNG. And your jobs sent to a reprographer’s shop via Océ Client Tools arrive print-ready for fast job turnaround.

AutoCAD DWG file processing is now supported for AutoCAD versions 2000 to 2008. This means that you no longer have to make individual plot files before submitting a print job, and you can combine DWG files with common file formats like DWF, CALS, HPGL, and TIFF and automatically batch process them for printing.

The takeaway is that Océ is working to simplify your batch plot processing by freeing you from the headaches. You can read all about the details on Océ Client Tools v.2.1.1 software in today’s Pick of the Week write-up, where you can find links to more information.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering magazine

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