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Editor’s Pick of the Week, 2 in a Series

By DE Editors

 Advertiser Testimonials“Using Desktop Engineering’s Editor’s Pick of the Week turnedout to be one of our best marketing decisions this year. Tony Lockwoodwas able to speak to our new product with just the right “punch” topique the interest of key corporate decision makers.  We are stillworking on the leads generated and can’t wait to use this vehicleagain.”- RSI

Desktop Engineering really knows how to bringqualified customers to our doorstep. The quantity and quality of theleads is impressive. Advertising in Desktop Engineering is a must for any company that wants to target design engineers.” – Bluebeam Software

Desktop Engineering offers one of the most effective lead-generation programs I’ve seen. Their Editor’s Pick of the Week generated over 563 click-thru responses to our website. Plus, we were able to immediately follow-up with the respondents since Desktop Engineering sent us the e-mail addresses of all the respondents.”- Actify, Inc.

“By sponsoring Desktop Engineering‘s Editor’s Pick of the Week,we’ve generated a number of excellent leads. In fact, we already have 4or 5 started in evaluations. We’re thrilled with the responses and willdefinitely consider sponsoring another Editor’s Pick of the Week.”- nPower Software

“Tony certainly has a fresh, attractive style for presenting his Editor’s Pick of the Week.I think the program from e-mail blast to web links and inquiries, isvery well thought out. Congratulations and thank you for a program thateffectively helps us reach more readers.”- Parker Group


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