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Editor’s Pick: Siemens Simplifies PLM Software Implementation

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at Siemens PLM Connection last week. This is its annual shindig with PLM World, which is an independent organization of NX, Solid Edge, Teamcenter, and Tecnomatix users. Siemens PLM picked up my room tab and gave me some grub, but they have not sponsored this Pick of the Week or even asked me to do it.

OK, so, among the big stories coming out of PLM Connection was the upcoming release of Teamcenter version 10. But, since that’s scheduled for later this month, I’m going to focus on two equally big stories that affect you right now.

The first is the Great Separation. Or something like that. See, Siemens PLM announced a new release strategy for its Teamcenter applications. Basically, Teamcenter applications are no longer dependent on a specific version of the main Teamcenter application. For you, that means you do not have to wait for — nor do you have to upgrade to — the next version of Teamcenter to install a new application that the company develops and releases. So, if you’ve been wanting to install the recently released applications for supplier integration, substance compliance, quality management, and product cost management but were holding off for the next Teamcenter release, you do not have to hold off. And, in the future, this also means that Siemens can simply release a new or updated application when it’s ready to go.

The next big thing was something called Teamcenter Rapid Start. What’s in it for you? If you’re a small- or mid-sized business and you know that PLM is where you got to get to, but cannot get there now for whatever reason, Teamcenter Rapid Start could be your answer. This PDM (product data management) software leverages Teamcenter code and, by doing so, gives you a pathway to the full Teamcenter implementation by enabling you to add on Teamcenter capabilities as you need them.

Teamcenter Rapid Start seems quite useful right out of the gate. It has multi-CAD data management capabilities, meaning you can manage, control, and share CAD data across your design and supply chain. It helps you manage everyday tasks and processes through preconfigured best practice workflows for engineering change and product release. And it supports most CAD solutions and has visualization capabilities, so you get a single view of product data that supports your collaboration initiatives.

As an aside, I should mention that Teamcenter Rapid Start is the next “evolution,” in Siemens’ words, of Teamcenter Express. If you have Teamcenter Express already, you should contact your rep to learn how to exchange your current license for an equivalent Teamcenter Rapid Start license.

Anyway, more than 1,800 people attended Siemens PLM Connection. When the company spoke of its new application release strategy and Teamcenter Rapid Start, the crowd whole-heartedly endorsed these ideas. You can see if you agree with that assessment by hitting the link over there to today’s Pick of the Week write-up. There are plenty of links at the end for diving in deeper.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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