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Editor’s Pick: SpaceClaim 2009+ Engineering Software Released

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

SpaceClaim Corp. unveiled its 2009+ release immediately before the chaos known as the holiday season, meaning I missed telling you about it when I should have. So, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t miss it now. SpaceClaim is a game changer for your entire organization and not just for the design gurus. In fact, those guys don’t even have to change what they do—except that part where everyone hurries up to wait for them. SpaceClaim keeps things rolling and now, with the 2009+ release, it helps you get designs and end products out of the gate more quickly than ever.

SpaceClaim itself strives to be what the engineering community needs: An easy to use modeling tool that brings together the enterprise. It provides true direct modeling—meaning that everybody in your organization does not have to be a parametric CAD maven—and interoperability with pretty much every format out there. What this all means is that SpaceClaim enables engineers and CAE analysts to collaborate, simulate, and bring together their expertise on a design from the concept stage on up to detail and design-for-manufacture without ever messing up the details.

This means that Boris Badenov, your evil CAE genius, for example, can use SpaceClaim to de-feature designs quickly. Or Natasha, your styling person, can begin exploring how to make your final design more aesthetically pleasing without waiting for the late-breaking design iterations.

And that’s the thing. People use SpaceClaim to do real modeling, real styling, real analysis early, often, and whenever without holding up the process or waiting for the detail people to make changes. And by giving CAE and Styling a real 3D direct modeling system to work with, SpaceClaim speeds up your process by eliminating all sorts of delays and fostering multi-disciplinary collaboration.

SpaceClaim 2009+ has been enhanced with all kinds of features for preparing models for analysis, fussing with geometries, and even documenting designs. You can read about all the new features in today’s Pick of the Week write-up, but there’s one I want to focus on: Multi-touch. SpaceClaim supports hands-on interactive solid modeling. This is way fun … I mean productive. Check out the link to the Multi-touch video to see what I mean.

SpaceClaim, at its core, is about individual and enterprise productivity. From the links in today’s write-up, make sure to check out the videos then sign-up for a complimentary evaluation copy. SpaceClaim can change the way you do business.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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