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Electric Cloud Improve Integration with PTC Integrity

Electric Cloud, a software delivery solutions company, announced a number of enhanced capabilities to the existing integration between ElectricDeploy and PTC Integrity.

The enhanced integration between PTC Integrity and Electric Cloud’s deployment and release automation solution will provide customers with an enterprise-grade offering for developing, building, testing, releasing, and deploying applications faster and with higher quality, the company says.

“With the ever-increasing need to deliver high-quality applications faster and more consistently, Electric Cloud provides an effective integrated solution for PTC Integrity users to help reduce errors and improve the application release and deployment process,” said Doug Akers, vice president, product management, PTC. “We are excited to deepen our working relationship with Electric Cloud and look forward to continued joint development efforts.”

The enhanced integration supports incremental deployments, which minimizes risk by reducing the number of changes deployed and accelerating build-test cycle times. Customers will also benefit from improved audit capability by maintaining date timestamps of deployed artifacts, as well as native language support for international users.

For more information, visit Electric Cloud.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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