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Elements of Analysis November 2004 Advertising

By DE Editors

Introducing the second issue in an important series from the editors of Desktop Engineering…

Analysis software continues its rapid embedding into the design process, as design engineers in OEM companies apply the tools and technology higher up in the design function to eliminate costly mistakes, lower prototyping costs, speed time-to-market, and increase their organization’s competitiveness. Engineers who need to keep pace with rapid-fire changes in engineering analysis technology must decipher what’s most applicable to their own job and organization. But where can they find practical, comprehensive information about developments in this field?

Desktop Engineering’s Elements of Analysis

In the upcoming November issue of its popular Elements of Analysis series, Desktop Engineering (DE) continues its engaging, in-depth exploration into the underpinnings of current and future applied engineering analysis tools and technology that fire the engine of next-level productivity gains in manufacturing.

Inside the November issue of Elements of Analysis, engineers will find feature articles that include a discussion among industry experts at leading developers about major technology trends and developments … case studies highlighting the application of innovative emerging technology to engineering problems … a comprehensive round-up of solution developers comprising FEA, CFD, mathematics, visualization/simulation, data analysis, and modeling/graphing applications, including contact information and a wrap-up commentary offering objective perspective on where the market is, and where it’s headed.

Elements of Analysis will be polybagged with DE’s November issue and mailed to 63,000 (BPA-audited) subscribers. Your marketing message in Elements of Analysis will be surrounded by an editorial environment full of practical information about analysis software solutions these engineers need to know to succeed at their jobs – now, and tomorrow – as only the editors of DE can provide.

Position your company and tools at the forefront of this dynamic market: Advertise in Elements of Analysis!

  • 99% of DE subscribers rely on the magazine for relevant industry-specific information more than any other publication*
  • 91% say DE provides information that is relevant to their job*
  • 85% agree DE provides information not found elsewhere*
  • 73% say that DE influences their purchasing decision over all other engineering publications*
  • 68.6% specify/purchase CFD software**
  • 60.6% specify/purchase FEA software**
  • 88% gather, plot and analyze raw data***
(*2004 Erdos and Morgan Subscriber Study; **2003 Subscriber FEA Study; ***2003 Subscriber Modeling/Graphing Study)

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