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Elysium Releases Two Software Updates

Elysium, a global interoperability solutions provider, announces two version-up releases, ASFALIS EX8.0 now, and CADdoctor EX8.0 on May 8. Each release includes an enhancement on geometry simplification to achieve significant file size reduction in a fully automated process. This enhancement will allow flexible adjustments on the level of simplification used and elements to exclude during the simplification process, according to the company.

Image courtesy of Elysium.

Image courtesy of Elysium.

“Elysium’s existing solid enveloping functionality targets the interior parts only and aims to reduce the data size and remove any confidential information while preserving the exterior fidelity to the source model. In this release, the focus is on the file size reduction targeting both exterior and interior parts for the cases when the rough outline is sufficient for one’s need,” says Atsuto Soma, CTO of Elysium.

Sample use cases include the following:
  • Production line simulation. Simplified light weight model is required; a rough size and shape is sufficient.
  • Data exchange with third parties. Lightweight models are effective, provide IP protection and are easy to share among suppliers.

Other key enhancements include the following:

  • Mesh quality advancements for reverse engineering. This is effective on polygon data generated from noisy point cloud data, and improves the quality of B-rep generation.
  • Validate tessellated geometry against exact geometry. This is to verify the fidelity of the tessellated geometry prior to data collaboration to ensure that it is representative of the original geometry.
  • Enhanced STEP AP242 translations for advanced validation. To broaden the application range of the validation of STEP AP242 data, e.g., data verification for LOTAR (long-term Archiving and Retrieval)

There is added support of STEP AP242 translation; Semantic PMI; Tessellated geometry; To STEP AP242 BOM XML translation; Assembly validation property.

For more info, visit Elysium.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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