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Emerging Technologies in Multi-Domain SWM

By LukA Onesti & Dr. William T. Bersing

Editor’s note: This commentary was sponsored as part of DE’s Visionary Voices section.

A paradigm shift is under way in managing simulation workflow and business processes. The advent of multi-domain simulation systems to include advanced enterprise or global solutions has enabled the CAD/CAE industry to manage more activities. Design engineers are adopting emerging industry standards allowing middle managers to change design parameters quickly based on both customers’ demands and their own creative ability. Traditional desktop applications are leveraging the power of enterprise global solutions in boundless datacenters. New simulation workflow management (SWM) technologies will make complex design simulation tasks available to a wider global community.

ESTECOTraditionally, simulations require heavy data transfers and computational resources. Emerging technologies challenge leaders with large global simulation workflows in multi-domain environments. Over the next few years, these challenges will be met through increased bandwidth, global datacenter capabilities, and new business technologies. ESTECO, for example, has extensive experience with aligning simulation and optimization technologies together with standard industry accepted norms and notations to meet these challenges. ESTECO is currently beta testing a ground-breaking multi-domain SWM solution built to implement innovative customized tools for the CAD/CAE industry.

Considering this technological breakthrough, CAD/CAE specialists can develop and store simulation workflow processes while middle and upper management control and test new concepts and ideas from any computer, laptop, or mobile device. Decision makers can explore design alternatives with their customers and maintain a history of their proprietary SWM concepts. Leading new strategies should be flexible and communicate something tangible in-order for everyone to have a shared vision and energy.

Luka Onesti is the Chief Technology Officer of ESTECO Srl. Dr. William T. Bersing, DM, PE is the President of the Institute for Program Solutions, PC.

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