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Engineering PLM Solutions Showcased at SolidWorks World 2005

By DE Editors

During SolidWorks World in Orlando, FL this week, Engineering PLM Solutions (Cesna, Italy)provided a demonstration of its entire EDM Product Suite, a set ofstand-alone yet interoperable solutions to help computer aided design(CAD) users in four areas:

  • Product configuration
  • Part classification
  • PDM
  • Task automation

The EDM Product Suite captures the rules on how companies define,design, produce and sell their products, allowing CAD users toconcentrate on designing innovative and successful products. EDM isdesigned to simplify and automate process and product configuration,attributes and part numbers definition, vaulting, ECOs, and otherrepetitive and time consuming tasks, such as drawing, printing, fileconversion, and PDF creation.

The modular packaging of EDM allows companies of any size to benefitfrom its functionalities. As an example, engineers and designers canuse EDM and SolidWorks to automate the generation of part numbers forevery new component, and be guided by a simple user interface in thedefinition of the attributes that are relevant for specific categories.Company standards can be defined and rules can be set to automate theattributes assignment in order to minimize user input and dramaticallyreduce the possibilities for errors.

Part descriptions can be automatically generated by compounding otherattributes, ensuring consistency and avoiding the duplication ofcomponents under different part-numbers

“We are delighted to include the EDM Product Suite as a SolutionPartner Product,” said Brian Houle, Partner Program manager forSolidWorks Corporation. “The integration of the EDM productconfigurator, part classification, PDM and task automation capabilitieswith the power of SolidWorks solid modeling helps our users saves timeand meet tight production deadlines.”

“This partnership with SolidWorks is key to the success of EDM,” saidGianfranco Biguzzi, founder and CEO of Engineering PLM Solutions. “Weare proud to be a part of the SolidWorks Solution Partner Program andduring SolidWorks World 2005, we will have the opportunity todemonstrate to thousands of SolidWorks users how they can benefit fromthe EDM Product Suite. EDM brings to the market the same level of easeof use and power that SolidWorks software has brought to the CADmarket.”

The EDM Product Suite, recently received the status of SolidWorksSolution Partner product.  Users can access the EDM Product Suitedirectly from within the SolidWorks 2005 user interface. Forinformation on the company’s EDM Product Suite, visit the company’s Web site.

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