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EOS Expands Metals Portfolio With EOS NickelAlloy HX

EOS is expanding its portfolio of metal materials with the immediate commercial introduction of EOS NickelAlloy HX. The heat and corrosion resistant nickel-chrome-iron-molybdenum alloy provides a high degree of strength and resistance to oxidization, even at high temperatures. The material is optimized for processing in the EOSINT M 280 metal system, and is typically processed with a layer-thickness of 20 µm.


“The material is particularly well suited for deployment in applications that are exposed to high thermal forces giving rise to a significant risk of oxidization,” said Christiane Krempl, product marketing manager, metals. “Typical areas of deployment that we are seeing include aerospace, for example, with combustion chambers and their components parts. The material is also ideal for use in heating elements, in conveyor ovens, or industrial blast furnaces.”

Parts built from EOS NickelAlloy HX can be subsequently heat-treated in order to partially  modify the characteristics of the material. Whether hardened or in their original built form, parts can be finished as required, and surplus unexposed material can be re-used.

EOS also introduced two new plastic materials for industrial 3D printing. PrimePart ST (PEBA 2301), a soft, flexible, and elastic material, belongs to the group of thermoplastic elastomers and is available immediately for EOSINT P 395 systems. In the coming months, availability will be extended to the EOS FORMIGA P 110 and EOSINT P 760 systems. PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) is a flame-retardant Polyamide 12 and is available now for both the current EOSINT P 395 and P 760 systems, as well as for the EOSINT P 390 and P 730.

For more information, visit EOS.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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