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Eos Systems Introduces PhotoModeler Scanner

By DE Editors

Eos Systems (Vancouver, BC) released PhotoModeler Scanner, which contains the capabilities of Eos’ signature software product, PhotoModeler, plus it adds capabilities from a new technology called Dense Surface Modeling (DSM).

PhotoModeler Scanner provides all the tools to derive accurate measurements from photographs and create high-quality 3D models. The software’s DSM technology scans photo pairs to generate a massive number of measurement points, automatically creating a point cloud much like the output of laser scanning equipment. Additional software tools built directly into PhotoModeler Scanner can easily translate the data into a mesh surface, which can be used in most any kind of 3D CAD or design application.

The additional advantage PhotoModeler Scanner gives designers is precision color overlays. The DSM scan registers photographic color information pixel by pixel onto the resulting 3D model surface. For quick viewing, colors display as a point cloud or can be fully rendered to create stunningly realistic solid models. Using a camera as the sole source of data collection yields a better registration match between the 3D data and photographic color data when compared to laser scanners, which must rely on a secondary device for acquiring color data.

The company says the advanced development of DSM technology stands to replace laser scanning for customers who need a flexible solution that works both as a high accuracy 3D measurement platform and an efficient photorealistic scanner. PhotoModeler Scanner can quickly reproduce real-world objects as detailed 3D representations for animation, reverse engineering, or recording scientific evidence.

The PhotoModeler Scanner software package ($2695) is available as a demonstration version free from Eos Systems Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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