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EPLAN Platform 2.2 Released for Product Development

By DE Editors

EPLAN announced Version 2.2 of the company’s EPLAN Platform for product development. It includes functional extensions and additional modules, including field cabling. The new graphical macro selection, smart terminal analysis and automatic termination points when copying sections of a circuit provide rapid design engineering results, the company says.

eplan 2

Rapid filters in the project data navigators, comprehensive parts data exchange and extended terminal design ensure greater convenience and speed in project processing. An intuitive graphical macro selection helps designers to implement standards effectively, while still being able to navigate comprehensive macro collections. Informative graphics and a clear structure make accessing defined circuit templates simpler, according to EPLAN.

Complicated clicking through directory structures has been replaced by graphically supported navigation. This allows the technical sales staff to draw up the initial circuit documentation in dialogue with their customers as early as the initial project brief.

The switching states of the terminals stored in the circuit diagram can be automatically illustrated graphically in reports. Once the terminal data has been stored in the circuit diagram, EPLAN can automatically generate these high-quality terminal documents.

Termination points are now automatically set between connections that become separated when circuit sections are moved by Copy and Paste from one circuit diagram page to another. All electrical connections are now retained without the designer needing to do anything.

With the new EPLAN FieldSys module, cables can automatically be routed through a network and the lengths calculated from an underlying 2D shop layout. Connections between controller and field components can be planned efficiently and documented sustainably in this way, the company says.

For more information, visit EPLAN.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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