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eQuorum Announces ImageSite Version 8.7 With File Earmarking

By DE Editors

eQuorum announced new features in Version 8.7 of its ImageSite document management solution, including file earmarking functionality for covert file tracking. 

“This is really exciting because today’s document management systems leave companies hanging once files are downloaded by their users,” said Scott Brandt, eQuorum’s CEO. “Now IT and legal departments have the added assurance that if files are compromised they will know about it.”

ImageSite’s Earmarking module can track files outside the corporate network, and using alert parameters can notify corporate administrators when files are compromised either by being opened outside allowable IP ranges, opened an unacceptable number of times, or printed or saved in a given time frame.  Administrators are also given information to decide whether or not to lock down the file.  Currently, all Word and Excel documents are included, as well as almost all PDF files.

The company has enhanced the eSync=Site module to support multi-directional synchronization for two or more servers. This enables member servers to pass new and changed documents and metadata back and forth, allowing all users to gain access to non-local servers while ensuring files are the most current. 

The solution can read metadata from AutoCAD block attributes and write information back into those attributes from ImageSite’s custom defined fields. This allows users to make bulk changes to file attributes in ImageSite and have them populate directly into AutoCAD. According to the company, this ensures any changes made to attributes in either AutoCAD or ImageSite remain synchronized, while using ImageSite’s interface to enter changes.

For more information, visit eQuorum.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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