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ESI Announces VA One V2009

By DE Editors

ESI Group (Paris France) has released VA One 2009, the latest version of the company’s simulation environment for modeling and simulating noise and vibration across the full frequency range. VA One combines finite elements (FE), boundary elements (BEM), and statistical energy analysis (SEA) in a single model. This new release enhances the functionality for modeling foams and fibers in VA One.

ESI Announces VA One V2009
An SEA (statistical energy analysis) model of a vehicle created with VA One from ESI Group.

Poroelastic materials, such as foams and fibers are part of the design of quiet products with good noise and vibration performance. VA One includes methods for optimizing poroelastic materials across the full frequency spectrum, according to the company. The VA One 2009 release includes a “foam finite element” solver that can be used for modeling the low frequency response of foams and fibers. Originally developed as part of a long-term research project between ESI Group and several universities, this solver is now fully integrated within the VA One environment.

The core functionality of VA One is split into five main modules: the SEA Module, Structural FE Module, Acoustic FE Module, Acoustic BEM Module, and Hybrid Module. Additionally, a number of extension modules and scripts are available for customizing VA One to meet specific requirements.

ESI Announces VA One V2009
This model, produced using VA One’s binary element method (BEM) capabilities, depicts a scattering of an acoustic plane wave at 5kHz.

The VA One SEA module is described by the company as “the evolution of the industry standard software for mid and high-frequency noise and vibration design, AutoSEA2. The Hybrid Module, said to give you the state-of-the-art in vibro-acoustic analysis methods, enables you to create fully coupled FE/BEM/SEA models in a single analysis. The Acoustic FE Module offers the functionality you need to add fully coupled FE acoustic cavity subsystems to your VA One models. And the Acoustic BEM Module, called the evolution of the RAYON Boundary Element solver, enables you to create accurate models of fluid loading, scattering, radiation and transmission of sound at low frequencies. Finally, the Structural Finite Element Module lets you create and work with FE structural subsystems within the VA One environment.

ESI Announces VA One V2009
Fuselage model courtesy of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“We are pleased to announce the release of VA One 2009,” said Dr. Phil Shorter, Director of Vibro-Acoustic Product Operations for ESI Group in a press statement “This release is the result of a long-term collaboration with our research partners and provides our customers with state-of-the-art methods for modeling poroelastic materials.”

The VA One 2009 release is also said to include a number of enhancements for speeding up the creation of poroelastic models. Among these are the automatic creation of meshes from extrusion of CAD surfaces and the calculation of equivalent mid- and high-frequency noise control treatments from CAD. For complete details, visit the VA One page on ESI Group website.

Download the VA One brochure.

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